Canadian Cannabis Beer

Canadian Cannabis Beer

Cannabis edibles will be legal in Canada no later than Oct 17, 2019. So what does that mean for cannabis-infused booze, in particular Beer.
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To include edibles Schedule 4 of the Cannabis Act will have 3 new classes added to it.

Schedule 4 consists of classes of cannabis that can legally be sold by “authorized persons,” federal license holders, authorized distributors and retailers.

The act currently has five classes in Schedule 4 which are: dried cannabis, cannabis oil, fresh cannabis, cannabis plants, and cannabis plant seeds. Edibles containing cannabis and Cannabis concentrates need to be added by October 17, 2019.

It has been proposed that the Governor in Council make an order to add three new classes of cannabis to Schedule 4. These three classes of cannabis would be as follows:

    • Edible cannabis: products containing cannabis that are intended to be consumed in the same manner as food (i.e. eaten or drunk);
    • Cannabis extracts: products that are produced using extraction processing methods or by synthesizing phytocannabinoids; and
    • Cannabis topicals: products that include cannabis as an ingredient and that are intended to be used on external body surfaces (i.e. skin, hair, and nails).

THC limits

To reduce risk it is recommended that a THC limit be set for each class. This limit would be as follows:

      • For edible cannabis, a limit of 10 milligrams of THC per unit and per package. This would mean, for example, that a package could contain one unit of edible cannabis that contains 10 milligrams of THC; or two units that each contain 5 milligrams of THC.
      • For cannabis extracts, the limit will be 10 milligrams of THC per unit and In addition, there would be a new limit of 1 000 milligrams (or 1 gram) of THC in a single package. This would mean, for example, that a package could contain 100 capsules of an extract that each contain 10 milligrams of THC; or 200 capsules of an extract that each contain 5 milligrams of THC.
      • For cannabis topicals, the limit would be no more than 1 000 milligrams (or 1 gram) of THC to a package.

What about Cannabis Infused Drinks?

The Regulations do not permit an addition of anything other than cannabis to cannabis products other than carrier oil being added to cannabis oil.

The regulations do not permit cannabis beverages to contain alcohol so Cannabis beer, wine or spirits will not be allowed in Canada yet. They do however allow non-alcoholic cannabis drinks.

This is good news for companies such as Canopy Growth who have spent the last four years developing a non-alcoholic cannabis beverage. They have a bottling plant already built and are ready to go. Canopy Growth never intended to mix alcohol with THC. Canopy CEO Bruce Linton when asked by a shareholder said “These do not mix and shouldn’t mix, we never contemplated it in our business plan.”

Molson has teamed up with Hexo to make a non-alcoholic drink as well as Coco cola with Aurora, so by fall we should see these drinks on the shelves of supermarkets.

Cannabis Beer

Province Brands was established in 2016 – it has a 123,000-square-foot space in Grimsby, Ont., that will have the capacity to brew up to 51 million bottles a year at full capacity.

This company has developed and has a patent pending for technology to be able to make the Worlds First Beer from Cannabis.

To make this beer they use Cannabis in place of Barley. What makes this beer above the others is:

      • brewed with the finest Canadian Cannabis
      • using the stocks, stems and roots of high quality Cannabis
      • use local premium hops
      • pure Canadian Water

The Difference

      • The other beers that will come out on the market on or before Oct 17, 2019 will be non alcoholic beer that is infused with Cannabis.
      • Province Brands are not infused they are brewed with Cannabis

What great about Province Brands

      • No Barley – so No Gluten
      • No Sugar
      • Low Calaries

This will be an interesting brew, Dooma Wendschuh, chief executive officer and co-founder Province Brands, said that “It might not get you drunk but it may get you high as it will contain 6.5 milligrams of THC”

Look out for this beer that will soon be brewed for:

      • Brock Street Brewing
      • Lost Craft Brewery
      • Bell City Brewery
      • Cambridge Bay Pilsner

These are a few I found, but I’m sure with this technology we will be seeing much more of Province Brands.

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