Some Amazing Gifts for your Beer Lover

When it comes to Beer Lovers it doesn’t have to be a special day to buy that great gift.  Here are some amazing gifts for that beer drinker in your life.

We have a neighbourhood group called the Beer 30 Group that can’t get enough craft beer?

It doesn’t seem to matter what occasion we are celebrating, Christmas, a birthday, or just because, we are always trying to one up each other on the perfect gift for beer lovers.

We have found so many gift ideas, accessories, and gadgets for our beer drinkers on amazon that I wanted to share some of them with you.  These gifts will surely be enjoyed by your favorite beer drinker as well.

Cap Gun

These Cap Guns can be great fun.  We have tried these and they shoot actually farther than I thought they would.

We used them outside and even set up a target and enjoyed a great game.

With these little cap guns you can open your beer and launch the cap.

A great ice breaker at a party for sure.

The projection is about 5 meters and your gun comes with a key chain as well.  Great Beer Drinkers Gift.  Have a look here on Amazon

Hide a Beer Can

??This is an interesting gift…..might be my next purchase.  This product has excellent ratings and is an Amazon choice.

These silicone sleeve simply slip over your beer and it looks like your drinking a can of pop.

The sleeve fits all standard 12 fl oz (355 ml) cans.

Have a look at this product on Amazon


The Beer Bucket List

This is the ultimate list for every beer lover – a collection of the worlds greatest beers, bars, breweries and events.

This book contains travel and city guides.  It will tell you of unique beers and amazing beer festivals happening in the world.

A must for the beer lovers collection.

Once again the ratings on this product are very high.  Have a look or purchase this product here.


Beer Tasting Night

We had a beer tasting night not to long ago….I wish I had pictures it was so much fun and funny as well.

Here is a great kit for hosting a beer tasting night

Have a look at Amazon for this great product

Make your own Beer

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Canadian Cannabis Beer

Canadian Cannabis Beer

Cannabis edibles will be legal in Canada no later than Oct 17, 2019. So what does that mean for cannabis-infused booze, in particular Beer.
Crop King Marijuana Seeds
To include edibles Schedule 4 of the Cannabis Act will have 3 new classes added to it.

Schedule 4 consists of classes of cannabis that can legally be sold by “authorized persons,” federal license holders, authorized distributors and retailers.

The act currently has five classes in Schedule 4 which are: dried cannabis, cannabis oil, fresh cannabis, cannabis plants, and cannabis plant seeds. Edibles containing cannabis and Cannabis concentrates need to be added by October 17, 2019.

It has been proposed that the Governor in Council make an order to add three new classes of cannabis to Schedule 4. These three classes of cannabis would be as follows:

    • Edible cannabis: products containing cannabis that are intended to be consumed in the same manner as food (i.e. eaten or drunk);
    • Cannabis extracts: products that are produced using extraction processing methods or by synthesizing phytocannabinoids; and
    • Cannabis topicals: products that include cannabis as an ingredient and that are intended to be used on external body surfaces (i.e. skin, hair, and nails).
    • Continue reading

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Beer and Roast Beef Dinner

Reviewing a Meal as well as Beer tonight

Last night a friend of mine and I went out for dinner to a local establishment called RB Cafe and Pub.

This Cafe and Pub is located in Lac la Hache, BC on Hwy 97.

I must say that the food was fantastic. Continue reading

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What does the legalization of Marijuana mean?

What you need to now about the new laws regarding Cannabis use in Canada

What are the rules and regulations now that Cannabis is legal?

Oct 17, 2018 the recreational use of Marijuana became legal for adults 18 years of old or older, Alberta is the only province that the legal age is 18, all other require a person to be 19 or older.

This legalization will now allow a person to: Continue reading

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Cannabis Stores Opening in BC

Cannabis Legalization

The Government of Canada began working on the legalization of Cannabis in 2016. The final working was still being discussed late in March 2017 with the hope of the official legalization date being July 1, 2018, but it took a little longer with legalization being October 17 2018.

The provinces in Canada would have the power to determine the methods of sale and distribution and the legal age for the use of cannabis.

Continue reading

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Beer tasting night with the Beer 30 Group and friends

With the Christmas Holidays we have been away from the website, but the other night the Beer 30 Group got together with some friends for a night of BC Craft Beer tasting.

The following video talks about some Craft Beers and the bitterness of some.  As we learn in this video there are bitterness ratings.

The following Video’s we took or should I say I took, but as you can see my video abilities need a lot of work, or maybe one too many while operating the camera lol. Continue reading

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Hand Held Cannabis Detection Device

Hand Held Cannabis Detection

Cannabis is now legal in Canada and Vancouver-based Cannabix Technologies, a company that is founded by a retired RCMP officer, expects to be first to supply a “pot breathalyzer” this is a handheld device that is very similar to devises used to detect alcohol. Continue reading

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Gifts for the Beer Drinker in your life

Everything Beer Related

With Christmas just around the corner we thought we would recommend some interesting gifts for the beer drinker in your life.

Beer of the month Club

beer clubContinue reading

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Small Block Brewing Co – Making beer from bread

beer, craft beer

Kudo’s goes out to the Small Block Brewing Co on Vancouver island.

They have found a way to make use of bread that would otherwise end up at the landfill.

This idea of using bread was brought to this Island Brewery by the Cowichan Green Community, this is now saving huge amounts of bread from ending up in the landfill.

Small Block is calling the beer the Rye cycle. Continue reading

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Pale Ale Beer – Faller Northwest

Vancouver Island Brewing, Faller Northwest Pale Ale


This is one of my favorite beers. They describe it as “This beer celebrates all those who’ve worked hard to make the island what it is today. Continue reading

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