Some Amazing Gifts for your Beer Lover

When it comes to Beer Lovers it doesn’t have to be a special day to buy that great gift.  Here are some amazing gifts for that beer drinker in your life.

We have a neighbourhood group called the Beer 30 Group that can’t get enough craft beer?

It doesn’t seem to matter what occasion we are celebrating, Christmas, a birthday, or just because, we are always trying to one up each other on the perfect gift for beer lovers.

We have found so many gift ideas, accessories, and gadgets for our beer drinkers on amazon that I wanted to share some of them with you.  These gifts will surely be enjoyed by your favorite beer drinker as well.

Cap Gun

These Cap Guns can be great fun.  We have tried these and they shoot actually farther than I thought they would.

We used them outside and even set up a target and enjoyed a great game.

With these little cap guns you can open your beer and launch the cap.

A great ice breaker at a party for sure.

The projection is about 5 meters and your gun comes with a key chain as well.  Great Beer Drinkers Gift.  Have a look here on Amazon

Hide a Beer Can

??This is an interesting gift…..might be my next purchase.  This product has excellent ratings and is an Amazon choice.

These silicone sleeve simply slip over your beer and it looks like your drinking a can of pop.

The sleeve fits all standard 12 fl oz (355 ml) cans.

Have a look at this product on Amazon


The Beer Bucket List

This is the ultimate list for every beer lover – a collection of the worlds greatest beers, bars, breweries and events.

This book contains travel and city guides.  It will tell you of unique beers and amazing beer festivals happening in the world.

A must for the beer lovers collection.

Once again the ratings on this product are very high.  Have a look or purchase this product here.


Beer Tasting Night

We had a beer tasting night not to long ago….I wish I had pictures it was so much fun and funny as well.

Here is a great kit for hosting a beer tasting night

Have a look at Amazon for this great product

Make your own Beer

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