Beer tasting night with the Beer 30 Group and friends

With the Christmas Holidays we have been away from the website, but the other night the Beer 30 Group got together with some friends for a night of BC Craft Beer tasting.

The following video talks about some Craft Beers and the bitterness of some.  As we learn in this video there are bitterness ratings.

The following Video’s we took or should I say I took, but as you can see my video abilities need a lot of work, or maybe one too many while operating the camera lol.

The Hermannator – Made by Vancouver Island Brewery

As you will hear in the video this beer gets even better if you can leave it for six months………

Now this video looks a little better.  This review is done by a friend of the Beer 30 Group.

This beer is made by Granville Island Brewing and it’s called Mocha Porter.  Some interesting comments on this one.

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