Hand Held Cannabis Detection Device

Hand Held Cannabis Detection

Cannabis is now legal in Canada and Vancouver-based Cannabix Technologies, a company that is founded by a retired RCMP officer, expects to be first to supply a “pot breathalyzer” this is a handheld device that is very similar to devises used to detect alcohol.

To date this device is not on the market, but it is hopeful it will be soon.  On November 15, 2018 Cannabix announced that it had engaged with a leading BC engineering and disgin firm to help in the development of the handheld breath collection device.  This company is MistyWest Engineering.

The device will be lightweight and able to be easily admistered by untrained personnel.  It is still unclear as to when this device will be ready to be used by Police.

Another company based in  Colorado Lifeloc Technologies and a chemistry professor-PhD student duo at Washington State University, are also working on a device.

All the devices under development are aimed at accurately detecting the presence of THC.

Potential Market

It is still unclear how big the potential market will be, this is due to unclear estimates of cannabis use, and unreliable data on how many people drive while high.

The developers of these new cannabis breathalyzer devices predict that they will be able to sell the devices for a lot more money than the alcohol breathalyzers.

Currently an alcohol breathalyzer will sell for anywhere between $300.00 and $400.00, but they expect the Cannabis breathalyzer to sell for between $2500.00 and $3500.00.

The roadside breathalyzer would replace certainly be better than the now complicated way of determining whether a person is high or not.  It is also quite costly for blood and urine tests, and they can take days to get a result. How much is too much?

Kal Malhi the founder of Cannabix plans to cater to Canada and the U.S. markets that have a zero tolerance for THC.  His hope is that his device will be able to accurately detect THC for up to two hours after use.

Cannabix New Update on Breathalyzer


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