Hand Held Cannabis Detection Device

Hand Held Cannabis Detection

Cannabis is now legal in Canada and Vancouver-based Cannabix Technologies, a company that is founded by a retired RCMP officer, expects to be first to supply a “pot breathalyzer” this is a handheld device that is very similar to devises used to detect alcohol.

To date this device is not on the market, but it is hopeful it will be soon.  On November 15, 2018 Cannabix announced that it had engaged with a leading BC engineering and disgin firm to help in the development of the handheld breath collection device.  This company is MistyWest Engineering.

The device will be lightweight and able to be easily admistered by untrained personnel.  It is still unclear as to when this device will be ready to be used by Police.

Another company based in  Colorado Lifeloc Technologies and a chemistry professor-PhD student duo at Washington State University, are also working on a device.

All the devices under development are aimed at accurately detecting the presence of THC.

Potential Market

It is still unclear how big the potential market will be, this is due to unclear estimates of cannabis use, and unreliable data on how many people drive while high.

The developers of these new cannabis breathalyzer devices predict that they will be able to sell the devices for a lot more money than the alcohol breathalyzers.

Currently an alcohol breathalyzer will sell for anywhere between $300.00 and $400.00, but they expect the Cannabis breathalyzer to sell for between $2500.00 and $3500.00.

The roadside breathalyzer would replace certainly be better than the now complicated way of determining whether a person is high or not.  It is also quite costly for blood and urine tests, and they can take days to get a result. How much is too much?

Kal Malhi the founder of Cannabix plans to cater to Canada and the U.S. markets that have a zero tolerance for THC.  His hope is that his device will be able to accurately detect THC for up to two hours after use.

Cannabix New Update on Breathalyzer


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9 Responses to Hand Held Cannabis Detection Device

  1. Dale says:

    If it works cost shouldn’t really matter.  My opinion is this should have been built, tested and approved before Cannabis became legal any where.  

    The fact of the matter is that people are getting away and worse off causing accidents because we have a lack of proper tools for our law enforcement to do there job.

    This is a great article and I cant wait to see any follow ups.


    • admin says:

      I agree Dale, a device should have been operational before Cannabis became legal.  My hope is that it doesn’t take too much longer to get a good operational detection device.

  2. Sondra M says:

    I wish that people were responsible enough to not drive high.  Yet, I think that is just as probable that irresponsible people will choose to drive high just as irresponsible people decide to drive drunk.  I say this as someone that lives in Colorado.   People are people.   

    As result, these devises will most likely be in great demand as time goes by and the technology improves.  So, my kuddos to the companies that have been working on designs.  In the mean time, for law enforcement purposes, the good old fashioned blood tests will have to do.    

    • admin says:

      Thanks Sondra for your comments.  You are right some people are just irresponsible and whether there is a device or not will drive under the influence, just like drunk drivers.  

      It will be nice to see a good road side device as it would take less time and probably less cost than getting blood tests on suspected drivers, but it is good that they do have that option for sure.

  3. charles39 says:

    Although is very great idea at very high  cost  I think this another way of telling public you can smoke pot but don’t be cought  and of course that might increase the usage of pot than reduce it  which might be good business for the manufacturer of those breathalyzers  and that is what they actually want. Business

  4. Sylvia says:

    I hear you loud and clear when you ask how much is too much?

    I am living in Ontario and I am observing the news regularly in regards to the new law giving the OPP (Ontario Provencial Police) the right to pull you over and force their, questionable road test, on you. Without any former indication if you actually have used Cannabis at all.

    But, you also have driven normally without showing any further indication of being high or drunk.

    This, in my opinion, is absolute nonsense and violates a person’s personal freedom.

    However, I am also not opposed to a real testing device which can show in minutes or seconds, not sure yet, if a person is driving under the influence. Unfortunately, there are still too many people on the road who just seem to give a damn if they are still capable to drive or not.

    I guess we will find out soon which of these devices will make the appearance in Canada.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sylvia.  Thanks for your comments.  I agree pulling a person over and being subject to tests without showing any signs of any intoxication is not right.

      My hope is that a good detections device will be in the works soon.

  5. cjciganotto says:

    Hello,Your article surprised me because a hand held cannabis detection will appear soon in our society. 

    It is seen a very simple, light device, capable of detecting cannabis after two hours of being consumed.

    It can be handled without problems, but its cost will far exceed the alcohol meter.Thanks for sharing such an interesting article.Greetings! Claudio

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