BC Bud and Beer Interesting Facts

BC Bud and Beer 1931

When us four beer drinking neighbors starting talking about this website, we had no idea that there was in fact a beer at one time that was called BC Bud.

I found this to be quite interesting so started to do a bit of research on it. Continue reading

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Canadian Wobbly Pop – and it’s a Coors Beer

The term wobbly pop is a Canadian term meaning beer. You’ll often hear someone on a Friday night say “I think I’ll have a couple wobbly pops” or “I went to the bar for a couple wobbly pops and staggered out drunk”

You might also hear the next morning “He had one to many wobbly pops” Continue reading

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About Us

Hi There! Welcome to BC Bud and Beer

Who are we?

We are a group of people who love to try all kinds of BC Beer, and since BC Bud is now legal, why not add that to our site.

Some interesting history

When you think of BC Bud you would think of Cannabis right away and although we do plan on having information on this site regarding BC Cannabis; the term BC Bud has been used for many years.

It started in 1931 when Canada’s Coast Breweries Limited launched a beer called “BC Bud”.

It was most likely the first BC Bud illegally crossing the US border.

This beer was advertised as being liquid bread and was also advertised as being good for you.

During the 1920s, alcohol crossed the border at a great rate; so much so that the U.S. government extended its coastal jurisdiction from three miles to twelve in an attempt to slow down the trade of alcohol.

It may have slowed it down, but it certainly didn’t stop it, it didn’t actually stop until the end of the prohibition in the US in 1933.

Those routes were now well defined and a few decades later became the smuggling routes for the New BC Bud, which has just recently been made legal in Canada.

Our Goal

The purpose of our website is to share our thoughts on BC Beers we try and to add information on BC Bud as well.

We are a new website, so please check back or let us know what you would be interested in seeing on this site.


All the best,

The Beer 30 Group


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